Reunification Therapy/Therapeutic Supervision

Reunification Therapy and Therapeutic Supervision are quite similiar services. Both address conflict resolution and problem issues between parent and children. Both focus on improving parenting skills and promoting a healthy relationship between parent and child.

The distinction is Therapeutic Supervision interventions occur "on-the-spot" and during parent-child interactions. Longer hours can be spent in Therapeutic Supervision and it can take place in any appropriate location where the parent exercises his/her parenting time. Typically the parent will spend thirty (30) minutes with the counselor after the child has gone. Therapeutic Supervision is less expensive than Reunification Therapy.

Reunification Therapy is more like a traditional counseling session. It usually has a duration of one (1) hour per session. This therapy aids parents who, for one reason or another, are experiencing an impaired bond with their child or children.

While Reunification Therapy addresses many of the same issues as Therapeutic Supervision, such as parenting skills and child development knowledge, the focus of Reunification Therapy is to heal a damaged relationship between parent and child and strengthen the bond between them.

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