SuperVision Testimonials

Hi Linda:
I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for all the help you've been for me and my family.
You worked well with all the professionals, the thearpist and court appointed CFI and attorneys, involved in my case.
Supervision work very well with both parties and their own schedules for availiability to develop a flexible parenting-time schedule.
You and your staff worked well with me when we had to reschedule a visit due to bad weather and road conditions affecting an appointment.
One of the most important things that was unique about Supervision was that I was allowed to visit my children at any number of public venues including the zoo, bowling ally, the shopping mall, and a school function. This really made our times together much more meaningful than just meeting in an office somewhere.
Linda, you were very patient with me explaining the rules and helping me comply with all conditions of my visits.
You clearly represented all of the fees and offered helpful explanations when changes were necessary.
The counselors completed the visit summaries quickly and all reports were filed in a very timely manner.
I was able to work with several different counselors throughout the process and all of them were knowledgeable, professional and courteous.
Overall I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.
I am greatful for the help through this very difficult time in my life.
Thank you very much.

My experience with Supervision was great. The three supervisors that my daughter and I had throughout were all very supportive and respectful. They only interfered when and if it was needed. At the end of every meeting I was given both positive and negative feedback about things that could be said and shouldn't even be brought up. It was a great way for me and my daughter to have a more natural parenting experience and not one that was confined to the same exact place and four walls every time. Supervision really made a horrible situation much easier to deal with.

To whom it may concern;
Our grandchildren have been participating in supervised visitation with their non-custodial parent for 8 months now. All I can say is, Thank God for this service! Our grandchildren have been through a very difficult situation for the past 4 years, with a messy divorce and alcoholism and drug addiction in one parent. Although the legal system has been very supportive and protective of the children, it took about 2 1/2 years to reach a point of suspending the visitation rights of the addicted parent, and in the meantime the children suffered greatly. They had been in 3 car accidents due to drinking, and witnessed more outbursts and dysfunction than most of us can imagine. When the visitations began again, under supervision this time, we were very fortunate to have Linda Schneider be our supervisor. The children were emotionally very fragile, and torn between needing to see this parent again and being very fearful as to what may happen.
None of us were very hopeful that the visits would be very pleasant ever again. But Ms. Schneider has managed the interaction of parent/child very skillfully. She has succeeded in providing the needed adult security for the children to be able to relax during the visit, and actually focus on their parent. It was extremely difficult in the beginning, especially with the youngest child. But with the insight Linda has, and her skill in helping this young child to express his needs calmly, we have made great progress. Surprisingly the children bonded very quickly with all the supervisors, and always thanked each one at the end of the visits. They are grateful for the presence of another adult during these visits. Under the added guidance of Linda Schneider, with the therapeutic visitation, the parent has been able to become much more consistent and predictable with each child (there are 3, ages 5-11). Every time we bring the children to the visits, I think of what a difficult job this must be! It has been invaluable, to be able to call and voice our concerns with Linda, and help brainstorm different strategies that would help these children communicate their needs to their parent, and still have a very loving and more fulfilling visit. Linda and her staff walk a very delicate line between providing security and oversight for the children, and then moving enough into the background to allow a more normal and healthy interaction between parent and child. She and her staff work very hard to maintain a good working relationship with both sides (sometimes 3 sides!), of this situation. Although, the non-custodial parent will probably never admit to needing this type of supervision, I know they also feel calmer and more positive about their time with their children.
Growing up, I would never have imagined that there would ever be a need for this type of service. But now as an adult, I am amazed at how common an ocurrance this is, and how necessary it has become. And I can certainly appreciate what a difficult job it is.
My entire family endorses Linda Schneider, and her staff, and we are very appreciative of the help she has given our grandchildren.

I wanted to write a letter to you and your staff to thank you for the professional, caring, and dependable manner that you have provided supervised visitation for me with my son for the past two years. Linda, I feel very strongly that I would not have been able to maintain the close bond with my son if I had to see him for supervised visitation in a sterile, unfamiliar environment. We have been able to enjoy activities together at locations outside our home, which have also enabled us to share in the natural parent child bonding process. My son has also been able to maintain close relationships with his extended family and enjoy holidays and birthdays in our home and the environment that he is most comfortable.
When I first began this extremely difficult process, I had great concerns as to how my son would handle this entire experience and what long-term harm could come to our natural mother and son bond. While 1 know that my son has had, and likely will continue to have, emotional issues, by not being able to spend as much time with me as he would have if I were not doing supervised visitation, I know that by being able to see him in his home with all of his things and around the people who love him, the negative impact will be less impacting on him.
Linda, you have found the perfect balance of being able to ensure safety to the children while enabling a healthy more natural relationship between parent and child. The financial cost of supervised visitation at a sterile environment is approximately the same as using your services, but the positive emotional benefits of using your services far outweighs that of the other services. I am very grateful that I had your service to provide an alternative to supervised parenting.

Linda with Super Vision was hired to supervise visits with my children and their father. She did an extremely thorough intake including review of all court documents and interviews. I felt like she had a clear picture of our situation before the visits began. Though the children's father tested the boundaries of the situation, she remained very neutral and professional. When the children experienced problems during the visits, Linda was quick to intervene and work at getting the visits back on track. She was also great with follow-up and conferring with other professionals involved in our case. Linda was required to testify as a witness in court regarding our case and was willing and prepared to do so. Her training and intuition about children's issues became more evident during the hearing. I could tell that she sincerely loves children and is truly focused on their best interest.

To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to take a moment to thank you, SuperVision, and your counselors for your brief service. As we know a separation is difficult at best for all parties, and even more traumatic to the children involved. Adding the need for supervised parenting time only adds to the stress on all parties and in my opinion is something that needs to be handled delicately and with an extreme amount of sensitivity to all parties involved.
I have now been through rounds of supervised visitation orders. The first being between a status hearing and temporary orders while I obtained legal standing and rights to my son, and the second being the result of false allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct which were quickly dismissed in an emergency hearing.
For my first round of supervised visitations I was not aware of SuperVision and had to use the services of another provider which I was quite unhappy with. I can appreciate the need of any company managing supervised visitations to comply with the wishes of the custodial parents, but I was made to feel like a criminal and unfit parent throughout the sessions.
When I contacted Linda Schneider of SuperVision I immediately felt the only objective Linda and her entire staff at SuperVision had was to facilitate a natural environment for me to interact with my son. Linda, Pam, and Joe all took their time to let me know exactly what to expect before, during, and after each visit and make me and my son feel as comfortable and natural as they could. During the intake process Linda's approach was one of compassion for all sides with the biggest focus being on the best interest of the child. I was made aware that with the severity of the allegations made against me the course of the visit would need to comply with the wish of the custodial parents, but Linda would work with the other parties to make the sessions as natural as she could.
I ended up only needing two visits, but god forbid if I ever happen to require supervised visitation or know of anyone who finds themselves in need of supervised visitations, I will without hesitation contact SuperVision. In a highly contested custody case like mine it takes some very special people to be able to work with all parties involved and maintain an unbiased, natural approach. SuperVision excels in this and their counselors have a natural affinity for making the child feel comfortable with them being a part of the visitation.
Thank you again.

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