Supervised Parenting-Time

We can provide supervised parenting time either at our office in SW Lakewood (on-site), out in the community (off-site) or In-home (in the visiting parent's home.) The court order and/or what the parties are in agreement to is how this is determined.

We do a written documentation of each visit, and try as much as possible to keep you with one counselor.

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In-Home Supervised Parenting

Provides a natural setting for supervised parenting-time. Spares the child yet another transition from a center to a non-residential parent's home once supervised parenting-time has progressed to unsupervised.

Off-Site Supervised Parenting

Allows the parent and child to enjoy activities such as dining out, movies, shopping, sports, zoo and museums.

On-Site Supervised Parenting Facility

At our new SuperVision Comprehensive Family Services Center in Lakewood.

Reunification Therapy/Therapeutic Supervision

Helps parent and child to reintegrate. Allows parent to address relationship issues. Develops improved parenting skills and understanding of child development. Encourages a healthy relationship between parent and child. Only licensed counselors provide reunification and level II therapeutic services.

Decision Maker/Parenting Co-ordinator Services

Helps high-conflict divorce couples resolve impasse conflicts by mediating or, if necessary, making decisions in any disputed situations. Facilitates communication skills and conflict resolution skills. Services in compliance with Colorado law (C.R.S. 14-10-128.1 and 14-10-128.3)

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