Decision Maker/Parenting Coordinator

Acting as a Decision Maker (DM) or as a Parenting Coordinator (PC) are very similiar services. The distinction is simply that a Decision Maker can make the decision for the parties whereas a Parenting Coordinator cannot.

Both services help to mediate conflicts between the parties regarding issues that involve the child or children. Both services attempt to aid the parties in reaching their own decisions through compromise and cooperation. Both services encourage and enable clients to learn communication and conflict-resolution skills.

However, if the parties are unable to resolve the conflict and come to an agreement, then a Decision Maker can, within the bounds of the court order, make the decision for the parties. A Parenting Coordinator cannot, resulting in the parties needing to involve their attorneys and/or the courts.

A court appointment as either a Decision Maker or a Parenting Coordinator usually has a duration of two (2) years. Both services require reporting to the court whenever they act in the case.

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